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Dash Sounds

HQS1 Ultimate FM
HQS2 Minimoog
HQS3 Evalon
HQS4 Mellotronix
HQS5 FX Machine
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HQS Volume 1 - Ultimate FM

The FS1r sound library brings you a modern classic

TDP Player

Sound Demos
Rozzer- Ambient Demo

Electric Pianos
EP 01
EP 02
EP 03
EP 04

Pad 01
Pad 02
Pad 03
Strings 01

Misc 01
Misc 02
FX 01
FX 02
Organ 01
Synth 01

Wusik Demos
Iron Planet
Hymn to the Stars
Evolution Choir
Ancient Evenings
Guitar Line

To purchase Ultimate FM, please visit the NUSofting online shop

Ultimate FM is a unique sound library for all DASHsnd compatible VST instruments*- an extensive collection of sounds from Yamaha's classic, but notoriously difficult to program, FS1r. HQS Vol. 1 features all the character and sounds you would expect from a top-class FM sample set plus more thanks to the FS1r's additional waveform features and formant filters. You will find basses, organs, electric pianos, brass, pluck, fx and synthesised sounds, as well as several formant sequences. 

The FS1r samples were produced by UK sound designer Rory Dow.


  • 90 multisampled FS1r sounds (300mb of samples in the DASHsnd format)
  • 128 presets for EVE 1.x and EVE 2
  • 32 presets for the Twin Dash Player (TDP comes free with every Dash Sound Library) 
  • 135 presets for Wusikstation V3 (compatible with V4)

*Compatible VST Instruments

There are several VST plugins that support audio samples in the DASHsnd format. Presets, however, are specific to each VSTi.

DASH Signature: EVE 2, Knaglis, Twin Dash Player
ManyTone: ManyStation, ManyOne, ManyGuitar, ManyBass
Wusik: Wusikstation

Complete List of Sounds

Bass 01 Punchy
Bass 02 Sub Blip
Bass 03 Sinoid
Bass 04 Acid Bass
Bass 05 Just Sub
Bass 06 Blow It
Bass 07 Smooth
Bass 08 FM Slap

Brass 01 Clean
Brass 02 Horn
Brass 03 Fanfare
Brass 04 Soft

Electric Pianos
EP 01 Digital
EP 02 Ballad
EP 03 Soft
EP 04 Pop
EP 05 Click
EP 06 Cute
EP 07 80s
EP 08 Wurli

Human Voice Eh
Human Voice Hoo
Human Voice Ih
Human Voice Oh
Human Voice Ooh

Formant Sequences & FX
Formant Seq Everybody
Formant Seq No
Formant Seq Yes
FX 01
FX 02
FX 03
FX 04
FX 05
FX 06
FX 07
FX 08
FX 09

Organ 01 Church
Organ 02 Lounge
Organ 03 Sombre
Organ 04 B3
Organ 05 Clean
Organ 06 Seventies
Organ 07 Fat

Pluck 01 Xylophone
Pluck 02 Digibell
Pluck 03 FM
Pluck 04 Harshbell
Pluck 05 Acc Guitar
Pluck 06 Toy Xylo
Pluck 07 Attack Glass
Pluck 08 Octopluck
Pluck 09 Nylon
Pluck 10 Marimba
Pluck 11 Block
Pluck 12 XyloPad
Pluck 13 Puretone

Synth Voices
Voice 01 Pipe
Voice 02 5th
Voice 03 Tinkerbell
Voice 04 Pulse Lead
Voice 05 Glassy
Voice 06 Skinny
Voice 07 OB Brass
Voice 08 Cutting
Voice 09 Low Sweep
Voice 10 Angelic
Voice 11 Nearly Vocal
Voice 12 Trance Lead
Voice 13 Rounded
Voice 14 Vintage Vox
Voice 15 Sentient
Voice 16 Glass Choir
Voice 17 Clav(ey)
Voice 18 Glass Lead
Voice 19 Raw
Voice 20 Strings
Voice 21 Breathy
Voice 22 OctaLead
Voice 23 BOC
Voice 24 Classic
Voice 25 Dirty
Voice 26 80s
Voice 27 What
Voice 28 Presence Lead
Voice 29 Accordion
Voice 30 Ethnic Flute
Voice 31 Deep Pad
Voice 32 Holodeck
Voice 33 AirChime

About the Yamaha FS1r

The FS1r offered many enhancements to the original DX range of FM synths produced by Yamaha. The operators are more comprehensive, offering 8 waveforms, as opposed to the single sine wave of the older machines (such as the DX7). 

As well as these 8 'voiced' operators, it has an additional 8 'unvoiced' operators, which are basically noise generators (you could call it a 16 operator FM synth!). The FS1r also features 88 frequency modulation algorithms, a comprehensive FX section, resonant filters (a first for an FM synth), and formant sequencing.

Today, these synths are rarely seen on the second hand market. Those who own them, keep them! They are often listed amongst the favourite synths of IDM artists, such as Plaid and Autechre.

FS1r is a trademark of Yamaha Corp.